It's the song that plays around 3:50 of s3 e9. I know it's been played on the show before. Another episode it was in was season 3 episode 1 when Todoroki was reminiscing at the pool. I believe I heard it before that as well. It is pretty soft and has a woman in the background.


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Referencing against Episode 1 of Season 3 around 15:55, I believe it's included in the soundtrack for Boku no Hero Academia 2, Disc 2, Track 5: Kimi wo Koete (君を超えて).


my hero academia s3 OST - "the power of all for one"

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    Actually the first person was right. The song I was looking for was 君を超えて (Kimi wo Koete). But thanks for answering. I do like “The Power of All for One” too.
    – Bria
    Apr 11, 2020 at 17:06

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