We don't usually see "Stands" with the same ability. How does Jotaro develop a power similar to Dio's in the final battle. And now, everytime he uses his stand, he shouts out "Star platinum the World" as if he adopted Dio's power. What happened in the final fight with Dio?


While Star Platinum has a bad habit of pulling new abilities from underneath his loin cloth (I'm looking at you, Star Finger), I don't think it's the case here. I think it was implied that Star Platinum had the Time Stop ability the whole time.

When Jotaro confronted Dio, he quickly figured out that their stands were very similar in terms of speed, range, strength, size and what not. And once Kakyoin figured The World's secret ability, it dawned on Jotaro that Star Platinum might have a similar skill.

Of course, he couldn't trigger it easily. At first he was merely able to see glimpses of the stopped time, then he's able to move in it for a moment and only at the very end does he finaly manage to stop time on his own.

Not all stand abilities are known to their users instinctually. Even Dio discovered the Time Stop by accident while training. He also had to train his ability to extend its length and his movement in it.

While never actually explained, the most likely reason their stands are the same type is their macabre family connection. Jotaro shares a bloodline with the body Dio currenlty posesses (through the world's first vampire to human head transplant).

To put it simply:
Dio (in for of the devil) telling Jotaro that he had the talent in himself all along.

  • I saw a theory on another forum, that Dio could use all of JOJO's stand power. There was a scene where Dio uses Hermit purple to track down the crusaders. I was mindblowned and it actually made sense!
    – Anthony
    Aug 23 '18 at 16:41
  • @Anthony You're actually semi right. DIO does use a version of Hermit Purple (Named The Passion in JORGE JOESTAR, but it doesn't require DIO to break a camera because DIO is more proficient in using it. He also was able to use it with a crystal ball to show Polnareff a picture of J.Geil, In JORGE JOESTAR, this version of Hermit Purple takes the form of a crown with thorns and is able to view the user's past and future of their blood relatives, which includes relatives from other universes. In the JoJo light novel "JOJO'S BIZZARE ADVENTURE OVER HEAVEN", the stand is also called Hermit Purple. Feb 1 at 18:02

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