When Eimu joins the class, she has a different uniform from everyone else, which I figured was acceptable because she was coming from a different school.

However, she stays in the school for quite a bit of time (and we see that she even owns the uniform in episode 5 or so). Why then does she continue to wear the blue uniform the entire way through the show?

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Much like this question, this is most likely to be part of the Transfer Student Uniform trope that features in a few anime.

TVTropes page

New Transfer Students in places where school uniforms are a cultural default setting often wear their old ones until the school can provide them with a new one. In fiction, this shows the newcomer or outsider. When they get the current school uniform, this indicates they've been assimilated. If the student is meant to be a Fish out of Water, they will keep their old uniform throughout the series. In Japanese media, even rebels don't choose to abandon uniforms entirely; in American media they will do this even if the new school doesn't have uniforms. Compare the Non-Uniform Uniform.

Thanks to @Jon_Lin

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