I have watched Air Gear anime to a degree, and I have never read the manga (which always fleshes out the story more so the knowledge I'm looking for is probably there... I have not read or watched anything in months due to my job, and I probably will not do so for a long while yet, thus the question).

In the anime, Simca appears very early on. We know that Ikki likes her, which she uses to her advantage, but she is intent on raising him into the leader of Genesis. She succeeds, and I believe that is where I last left off, as I was confused as to why Ikki is so imperative to Genesis and indeed where Genesis even came from- it wasn't fleshed out much at any point before its reveal.

She says something about his innate talent, but what is Genesis and what relation does it have to Ikki?

  • well, telling you that, would be a major spoiler. so i recommend to read the manga. i can tell you that it doesn't take long after the anime end, in the manga where all your questions are answerd – Mintri Aug 24 '18 at 11:38
  • Gotcha. One of these days I'll go back and finish it then :) – iiiidk Aug 24 '18 at 14:42

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