In the anime, Tetra appears feminine at first, but it's later reveled that he is a boy. However, in the anime, it's not clear if they refer to the avatar or just the player.

Is Tetra's avatar's gender female? The wikia is unclear, making statements that his avatar is female, androgynous, and is defined as a "he" in his "New Adventure Land profile" (no idea what that is).

The wiki makes it obvious that the player is male; I'm asking about the avatar.


It is intentionally ambiguous, which has caused it to be handled differently across the franchise.

What's your avatar's gender?

  • Official database: "Off-limits"
  • Light novel: "Tetra-chan", looks female
  • Anime: "Tetra-chan", looks female
  • NAL mobile game: "Male", looks female

Why's it important to put baby in a corner?


His wikia is quite clear about his avatar, female Human-Cleric:

Tetra used a female Human Cleric-Idol character at the time of the Catastrophe and was thus stuck in it

  • Rando editing of the Wiki's infobox doesn't make it canon. Read the rest of the article.
    – lly
    Mar 28 '20 at 20:05

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