According to the Hunter x Hunter wikia, there is a character called Cuzco, who

survived when the bomber attacked the Nickes' Alliance (besides Abengane).

Here is his picture, according to the wikia (this image came from Chapter 132, as a new member of the Alliance):

enter image description here

The evidences for that include the list of players found by Gon in the Chapter 158, where Cuzco's name appears as not-grey (alive and active in the Greed Island game). So the name is of an actual character:

enter image description here

All the names between "Nigg" (Ging) and Latarza (the guy who put the Trace spell on Killua at their start) were of players hired by Battera, I suppose.

However, I have not seen any evidence in the manga that the character of the image above is the one named Cuzco; he could simply have not joined the alliance, and so this image is of an unnamed character, who would be marked as grey in the player list. Is it something stated in one of the anime versions (I did not watched them) or another source? Or is it a mistake of the wikia?

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