I saw Moriko Morioka cleaning the floor with the rolling thing.



But I have never seen that thing in real life that use for cleaning. Actually, I have seen the rolling thing like that, but it was used to paint the wall (people dip into paint and roll on the wall).

I wonder what is that thing in real life. Does it exist?

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    It could be a lint remover.
    – Turamarth
    Oct 6 '18 at 18:59
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    I'm pretty sure it's a lint remover.
    – ConMan
    Oct 8 '18 at 0:00
  • FYI: in Japanese it is usually called korokoro, which is a onomatopoeia for rolling.
    – sundowner
    Jan 15 at 3:21

As already mentioned in the comments, it is a lint remover/roller. In Japan, the tool is usually called COLOCOLO (コロコロ, korokoro, which is also an onomatopoeic word for rolling), a generic term for "adhesive (carpet) cleaner/roller".

The series also had some official merchandise, including Moriko's Cleaner.


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