According to one My Hero Academia wikia

he is also capable of using it to "revive" people, as he has done to Rappa multiple times


Sir Nighteye assumes that Chisaki's Quirk is responsible for the healing of the Team Reservoir Dogs


Overhaul's characters in his name are composed of "治" (chi, lit. "govern, regulate, administer"), "崎" (saki, lit. "promontory, cape, spit") and "廻" (kai, lit. "revolve, return, curving"

If he can revive and may be heal people, isnt reving the most difficult/extreme "rewind" of a person's state? Couldnt Overhaul be used in the same way of Eri's rewind quirk?


According to description of Overhaul ability, it allows its user to disassemble and reassemble anything, which makes it kinda similar to alchemy from Fullmetal Alchemist. This leads me to speculation, that while disassembling something or someone, Kai Chisaki learns how this object or person is structured, and thus is able to reconstruct it or them to the previous shape. This is partially backed up by the fact, that most of people, that were "revived" by Kai Chisaki, were killed by his ability as well.

Description of Eri's ability is rather vague, but it seems she can just "rewind" person to previous state (it is still not clear what "parameters" of person she can "rewind"), even being not aware what this state was. Another difference is that according to situation when

Midoriya was using 100% Full Cowl for pretty extended time,

Eri is able to "fix" person in their current "state", instantly reverting any changes to their body, unlike Overhaul, which is singular action.

Most limitations to quirks are never explained by author, but taking into account, that Kai Chisaki was never using his quirk to achieve same result as Eri is able to do, I'd say he can't "simulate" it.

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