The Anime has stated quite a lot of times that Kekkai Genkai is a genetic leverage that some clans have, which allow them to combine 2 elements into a new style. (Like for example, wind + water makes the ice release and Earth + lightning makes the explosion release).

What I'm more interested in thou, is if its possible for a prodigy who can use 2 elements, to combine them. To be more specific I'm asking if its possible for Boruto to create a new release by combining lightning and wind style. (I don't even know what the combination of wind and lightning creates).

I'm really interested in this because there has been some individuals who have used releases from combinations of 2 elements without being from a notable "Kekkai genkai known clan". An example is deidra, who could use the explosion style and also darui, the wiki even states that: "By combining his water and lightning-natures, he can utilise Storm Release".

So could Boruto possibly create a new release of his own by incorporating lightning style and combining it with wind nature.

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    No captain Yamato & kakashi made it clear while during Naruto's training for rasen shuriken, that only people having kekkai genkai blood can combine two chakra forms to form a new one , but even if you combine two different jutsu you will call it either collaboration or combination of jutsu ex: Sasuke, Naruto's combined scorch realese nibus tempest (combination of wind style rasen shuriken & infrno style susano flame control arrow)ps: I don't know the spellings. – Ch.Siva Ram Kishore Oct 12 '18 at 7:44
  • i don't mean a collaboration technique. I mean simultaneously using the 2 elements to create a new style. Also, Darui's ability to use storm release was only attributed to him combining 2 elements. The anime never spoke about him being from a storm release renowned clan – Rumpelstiltskin Oct 12 '18 at 18:48

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