For reference, the dictionary definition of the word "pinto" is

Marked with spots of white and other colors; mottled; spotted.

It can also be used to refer to a piebald horse which has irregular patches of two colors such as this one: Piebald Horse


My guess is that "Jack" is a reference to "Jack the Ripper" because in the OVA, the main characters are chasing a serial killer. It could also be a reference to "Jack-o'-lantern" since the serial killer wears a pumpkin mask and is referred to as "Lantern".

On the other hand, the only two things I can come up with for Pinto is that it's a reference to (spoilers ahead):


The hidden bruises on the elderly patient which look like the spots of a piebald horse. The patient's skin was thus like a "pinto" horse.


The dual personalities that the nurse had because "pinto" could mean the she had spots of white (good) and black (bad).

I think theory #1 on the elderly man is more likely to be right than the nurse theory.

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    @GKA there's nothing wrong with self-answering, provided that the question and the answer have its own merit. Also, I was the one who suggested OP to put his theory as the answer because it is one of the possible answer, and so it can be voted accordingly. And there's nothing to stop anyone from providing a better/official answer to this question. – Aki Tanaka Oct 22 '18 at 12:55
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