A portion of Orochimaru's consciousness was in Anko's curse mark, so he could see what she saw, but is this linked with his other consciousness? So that if the real Orochimaru thinks he learns a jutsu, does the Orochimaru in Anko learn it too? Is there any canon explanation?

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He didn't necessarily know all of the techniques the original had learnt.

But even if he didn't, the moment he absorbed his power back from Kabuto, he relearned everything (since the cells in Kabuto were from the time Sasuke "killed" him).

  • Why did orochimaru said, "who would have thought you would revive me Sasuke" soon after he was resurrected? His this conscience should not know Sasuke killed him? Commented Aug 4, 2016 at 14:21

Orochimaru can go toe to toe with madara In the manga he can be killed now Orochimaru can use all the past hokage And now that he has all kabuto's memory's He can use itachi Nagto and 3rd rikage And all of the dead akasuki and he can Also go in sage mode and
Orochimaru has sinjuu DNA he can use wood Style look it up and now that he has sage Mode genjutsu cant work on him unless madara Wants to lose a eye I'm sorry and for everyone That is saying he can just drop a comet well Than they both die now that madara's dum ass Made him self living again he would kill him self doing and now Orochimaru can use he's hand with out them he fucking punched the 4 tails In the face and that was with no jutsu so But Orochimaru wins

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