We already know how Naruto trained to use his element. But how do others train to use fire, water, and earth elemental jutsus? Do they burn a leaf and then burn a waterfall? Do they suck the water in the leaf out and then try and move a waterfall? Was there any explanation for chakra natures that wasn't Naruto's?

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There were other episodes that explains better how the different chakras works, specially in the original Naruto. Obviously the training would be very different for others elements.

Here are some references

Naruto chapter 321, pages 4-5
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Fourth Databook, page 249
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The way to understand how elements works would be understanding their properties, because it explains a lot about the compatibility and the way for creating new techniques.

Simple examples of training for other elements are creating a wall, cut or broke things, etc. Techniques that you see in one element could be imitate in another, but the difference you'll see it in a battle.

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