In chapter 39-40 of Dungeon Meshi, the monster can take a form of each party members' perception of the others.

enter image description here

Take an example for Laius (the first panel), I can guess (from the left):

  • The 1st is Senshi's
  • The 2nd looking like Farlyn might be Marcille's
  • The 3rd is definitely Chilchack's
  • The 4th is probably the real one

However, I'm struggling a bit more for the rest. Are there any perceptive readers who have deduced which one belongs to who and why?

  • I'm not familiar with the series, but your question could use some work; you have left out too many details for me to even understand it, most importantly the title. I think I have the jist, but I'm not sure. – YetAnotherRandomUser Nov 17 '18 at 3:39

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