The title is a bit misleading, because I am not talking about love.

I have watched the two seasons (and haven't read the manga). In the second season, Sebastian hints that he "feels" degraded since he has to be a butler just to get Ciel's delicious soul. But since I've read the second season isn't canon. I doubted it.

I was wondering if this is actually true or if he has feelings towards Ciel. As in he is loyal towards Ciel and would never betray him. Some kind of friendship or something like that if you know what I mean.

Sebastian is never "pissed off" by orders from Ciel or anything and always smiles. Something I wouldn't expect from a devil.


It is intentionally vague, so this question is more asking for opinion

You can decide if you think they are friends or if you think he is proud to have cultivated a tasty contract

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