I followed JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime this season, it has 39 episodes total. It's currently on episode 11 (as of December 14, 2018).

I am confused with the dance that Narancia did with Fugo and Mista, while torturing Zucchero's head that got separated from his own body but was still alive, thanks to Buccelati's Stand: Sticky Finger.

What's the purpose of that dance and music towards Zucchero? When I tried to hear the music, it sounds like it's not a Japanese song, I didn't know what language they used. Does the dance have references from real life dance? Or is it just an original dance? Here is the scene when Zucchero got tortured.

  • I could be wrong but i guess it was more of a celebration dance, remember that Narancia was always playing music from his stereo during the trip, thats like his thing – Rumpelstiltskin Dec 22 '18 at 5:22

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