Elfman Strauss, like his siblings, uses Take Over magic which allows all or a portion of his boby to transform into another form he knows well. His specific type is Beast Soul which allows him to record and seal a monster's body part.

How many different forms can he turn into currently? I suppose this would have to include separately how many arm only transformations we've seen and how many full body transformations we've seen.


For future reference, most, if not all, information regarding anime character skills and abilities are found in their respective wikia pages.

Anyway, from Elfman's wikia page:

For Partial Take Over:

  • Beast Arm: Reptile
  • Beast Arm: Bear
  • Beast Arm: Black Bull
  • Beast Arm: Iron Bull
  • Beast Arm: Stone Bull
  • Beast Arm: Jet Black Sword

For Full-Body Take Over:

  • Beast Soul
  • Beast Soul: Weretiger
  • Beast Soul: Lizardman
  • Beast Soul: Belcusas
  • Beast Soul: Ape
  • Beast Soul: Sand Beast

Therefore, Elfman have 6 variants each of both partial and full-body take over, which totals to 12 unique transformations in all.

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