I recently read chapter 168 of Yona of the Dawn online, which was the latest one at that time.

Since volume 16 of Yona of the Dawn is going to be released January 5th, 2019, I was thinking of buying volume 15 for a Christmas present for myself. I was wondering if volume 15 stops at that chapter or continues. If it continues, then I plan to buy it. If not, then I'll probably wait for volume 16.

How many chapters does volume 15 have and what are their numbers?

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From here, Volume 15 only has 6 chapters. (The page also lists chapters for other volumes)

    1. The Sound of Invisible Tears
    1. We Part Here
    1. To Sensui
    1. Meetings Which Create People
    1. Pursuit
    1. Those Eyes are the Same Color as the Sea

I'm not sure if the latest is Chapter 168, but if you say that you've already read it, then it is still not yet released in Japan as a volume because the latest released in Japan is Volume 28, which is only until Chapter 162. As far as I know, English volume releases always follow the Japanese volume releases, so you would have to wait longer. Since it looks like they release 3-4 volumes each year, that is quite a long wait (maybe 3-4 years) before they release the volume containing Chapter 168.

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