When DIO stops time to kill Joseph, he uses a knife. But why didn't he use his piercing eye attack? The same goes for when fighting Jotaro: he doesn't use it and uses a police officer's gun or knives instead.

  • One world arrogance. – Hegao Dec 26 '18 at 12:56

My real-world explanation is simply that Araki forgot. However, my lore-friendly answer is that Dio either wasn't capable of using his Vampiric abilities because of Jonathan's body, or that he simply didn't care to because he was virtually invincible with The World.


The laser eye attack was so strong decapitated him last time he used it and he needs Jonathan's body to kill Jotaro. His vampire powers also became less and less as his stand ability became more and more.

  • Not really. DIO, part 3 Dio to be exact, wasn't fully vampire. He had the body of a Joestar that used Hamon. Hamon, as we know, is a vampire purifier. It turns vampires into regular humans before murdering them. If his vampire powers became less, than wouldn't he get to a point where he wouldn't be able to suck blood? That's not how vampires work. Also, if his vampire powers were weakening, then shouldn't his normal vampire strength decrease? This would mean his stamina decreases, which totally contradicts the point of DIO's timestop increasing due to vampires having increased stamina. Your po – okaythatscool Apr 29 at 15:23
  • -int just doesn't make sense. – okaythatscool Apr 29 at 15:23

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