I looked up some info about Steins;Gate and there appears to be a new series out, which ended airing in September 2018, called Steins;Gate 0.

Considering there are a bunch of OVAs and alternative cuts, it's not super easy to figure out where the "full" experience is.

What is the recommended order to watch the Steins;Gate set of animated works?


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I think like Monogatari series, this is also a bit opinion-based question. However, going with release order is fine.

I would not recommend the chronological order for the first-timers. You will miss the references and 100% spoiled if you look at things like episode discussions.

By nature, Steins;Gate 0 tries to explain a plot point you already know. You can watch the original Steins;Gate and call it a day, but by watching S;G 0 you can get more of it if you want. It's like good old manga/anime discussions; you like the anime, then read the manga to get more of it.

Now, considering that, I think you should watch in this order:

  1. Steins;Gate
  2. Steins;Gate: Kyoukaimenjou no Missing Link - Divide By Zero
  3. Steins;Gate 0

As for the movie and OVA, well, you can watch them after the original Steins;Gate or after S;G 0. But for me, watching it after the original Steins;Gate is better.


The chronological order:

  1. Steins;Gate episode 1-22
  2. Steins;Gate episode 23β
  3. Steins;Gate 0
  4. Steins;Gate episode 23-25
  5. Steins;Gate OVA
  6. Steins;Gate movies
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    I actually tried this and it's not bad at all. But I would not try it the first time. Actually I want to try to add the gamma world line to this (there are small "animated" drama CD on youtube).
    – LiefLayer
    Commented May 6, 2019 at 14:18

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