When Naruto was asked by Killer Bee: "What is the sealing technique use to contain the Nine-Tails?", Naruto said that it is the "Four Element Seal". In return, Killer Bee said that the sealing technique used to contain the Eight-Tails is the "Iron Fist Seal". Now I want to know what are the other sealing techniques to contain the other Tailed Beast.

So far we have the following:

Nine-Tails:  Four Element
Eight-Tails: Iron Fist
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This answer is based upon events up to Chapter 644.

Following techniques have been used for sealing Tailed Beasts.

  • Hakke no Fūin Shiki (Eight Trigrams Sealing Style) used by Namikaze Minato to seal yang-Kurama (Kyuubi) into infant Naruto (and yin-Kurama into himself).
  • Tekkō Fūin (Iron Armour Seal) used to seal Gyūki (Hachibi) into Bee (and Fukai, the previous Hachibi jinchuriki).
  • Fūinjutsu: Genryū Kyūfūjin (Sealing Technique: Phantom Dragons Nine Consuming Seals) used by Akatsuki members to (extract and) seal their captured bijū into the Gedō Mazō.
  • Unnamed Fūinjutsu used by Chiyo to attach Shukaku (Ichibi) to Gaara's unborn body. The same technique was presumably used to attach Shukaku to the previous two jinchuriki.
  • Ten-tails sealing technique used by Uchiha Obito to seal the Juubi into himself.
  • Undisclosed Fūinjutsu used by Uchiha Obito to reseal various bijū into their resurrected former jinchuriki.
  • Kohaku no Jōhei bijū fūin (Amber Purifying Pot Tailed-beast sealing) used by the Third Raikage to seal Hachibi into the Kohaku no Jōhei.

Other jinchurikis probably got their bijūs through one of the above techniques, or other as yet undisclosed techniques.

There is not much evidence, direct or circumstantial, to suggest any kind of "compatibility requirement" between a bijū and its sealing technique, or in other words, it sounds plausible that a bijū could be sealed using more than one technique, and the same sealing technique could be used to seal various bijū (as seen in the above examples).

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There is no specific sealing technique for each tailed beast. In the battle with killer B, B stated that the Iron Fist seal is of a lower quality that the Four Element seal. B was simply questioning the quality of Naruto's seal. B also stated that Naruto's seal was a lot more durable when compared to the Iron Fist seal.

B's seal is of a lower quality and is therefor easier to break. In the anime it appeared that the Five Element Unseal was strong enough to break B's seal. Naruto's seal is of a higher quality so it is harder to break but it is also much harder to create.

It does not really matter which seal you use as long as it is strong enough to seal the Tailed Beast.

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