Basically, I am looking to purchase physical copies of the original Dragon Ball manga (and slowly move forward to Z and Super).

Have there been official releases of the manga in English or only collected editions (e.g. a whole arc or more than one arcs in a single book)?

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You can find them in VIZ's website, both in digital and paperback: https://www.viz.com/read/manga/dragon-ball-volume-1/product/104

Each volume contains more than ten chapters. Based on my experience reading official translations, it does not necessarily mean that each volume would contain one or two arcs as those can span several volumes. However, if it is an omnibus (meaning several volumes compiled into one), it might be possible and those are also available in the same website: https://www.viz.com/read/manga/dragon-ball-3-in-1-edition-volume-1/product/3197

  • I prefer individual official original ones instead of omnibus :) Jan 15, 2019 at 17:21

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