in Zoids New Century, Offical Zoid Battles are pre-approved with a Battle Mode which is announced by a judge before a battle's official commencement.

Normally is 0982 which in Episode 9 - The Princess Arrives - Mary Champ Bit and Jamie are talking about and Bit confirms the only restriction is that each team can only fight with the same number of Zoids (in Episode 9's case it was 4 VS 4 but in most cases we see 3 VS 3)

In Episode 2 - New Partners vs. Naomi the Red Comet we get 0988 which appears to be an ammo restriction as everyone was only allowed 6 shots and in Episode 6 - The Dark Giant - The Invincible Elephander the Backdraft Group's Black Judge uses Battle Mode 0999

So i would like to know what Battle Modes are known (i get the feeling there isn't over 1000 known numbers) and their restrictions and also if Battle Modes used by the Backdraft Group (eg. Episode 6's 0999) are official numbers used Zoid Battle Commission

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