This question contains potential spoilers for episode 8 of Index 3!

In Episode 8 of Toaru Majutsu no Index III during the battle between the

Amakusa church members and Aqua of the Rear in the scene where Itsuwa attacks Aqua with the Saint Destroyer we have the following scenes: In the first scene Itsuwa is wearing her turtle neck sweater Itsuwa strike Aqua and she is still wearing it when Aqua strikes her and throws her through the ceiling. Itsuwa falls through the ceiling However the moment they show her on the ground the sweater is suddenly gone Magically disappearing sweater During the remaining scenes the sweater remains missing. From the shots it is obvious that Itsuwa did not have the strength nor the means to remove the sweater herself. So now my question is, is this a continuity error in the show or did the sweater disappear in some other way?

  • Probably got blown off with the attack because that's how logic in anime works. That's just weird the sweater has been worn under the crop top. – Avnish Kabaj Jan 23 at 3:56

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