At the final battle of the Grateful death arc, we could see Buccelati confront Pesci and his stand: Beach Boy using Sticky Finger. In the end of the battle, Buccelati attack Pesci repeatedly and suddenly Pesci was already rip apart into pieces. How could this happen ? I thought Sticky Finger ability was to make a zipper in an object and could open and closed the zipper so Buccelati could make a hole inside that object.

When he undone the Sticky Finger ability, the pieces would return back to normal body, without the body rip apart. But in pesci case, it seems the torn part didn't back to main body part. This is the scene where Pesci was rip apart by Sticky Finger


Pesci could've died due to his injuries, making the zippers useless in putting his body together in this case.

It's the only sensible reason I have for this issue.


This is apparently just one more of the "Araki Forgot" cases.

You are right that Pesci's body should've been zipped back together afterwards.

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