If he can't that essentially renders the main character useless right. Also if he gets his nen back do you think he'll get a different type since he came back from almost being dead. Is there any chance he'll get a different nen nature.

  • Still reading the current arc and from until the chapter I've read, no indication whatsoever. Regarding the follow-up questions, they seem to be primarily opinion-based and is asking for speculations of a future event, which are not allowed here so an edit might be needed. – W. Are Feb 4 '19 at 13:41


There have been no blatant indications in the manga or anime to show that he will get his Nen back.

In most other shonen manga's you would expect a protagonist who loses their powers to eventually regain them stronger or in a different way. This is best seen in Bleach where Ichigo and his allies does this many times. As Hunter x Hunter frequently is designed to subvert expectations, however, there is no reason to presume Gon will get his powers back.

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