I've been wondering for a while if Garry was actually Guertena. He's obviously much older than Ib and Mary and he seems to be a lot wiser, too. Mary seems to hate Garry, and I don't know if that's just because she wants to escape with Ib or some other reason. I know that she likes Ib because she wants another girl her age to play with, but she also seems to drop hints that Garry is related to her in some way. And also I don't understand why Garry ended up in the fabricated world in the first place since Ib obviously ended up there because Mary wanted her to. I feel like Garry lost his memory or something, after creating Mary, and he didn't know his name. He probably remembered 'G' and 'Mary' so combined them to create the name he called himself? Idk this game is psychological horror so it's supposed to mess with your head a bit. I still have no idea so help???

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