What is the meaning of the title of Perfect Blue?

Most of Satoshi Kon's (Director) work has a deeper meaning behind them, so I was wondering if there is a meaning behind the name.


As for the movie, there is no meaning.

Most of answers given on various forums (i.e. reddit, MAL) are only speculative and theories at best. From an interview with Kon Satoshi himself:

Andrew Osmond: What is the significance of the title Perfect Blue?

Satoshi Kon: That’s a frequently asked question and, at the same time, one I find very difficult to answer. To be honest, I used it because it was the title of the original novel [Perfect Blue: Total Pervert by Yoshikazu Takeuchi, published in 1991]. I presume the words had some significance, but as I changed the story and probably the subject as well, I guess the meaning was lost. I can only guess because I didn’t read the novel. I simply read through the rough plot, which was described as “close to the original story” in the project plan delivered to me. We discussed changing the title, but I like it, it sounds significant and mysterious.

It would appear then the meaning was lost to the source material. Seeing that the original is in Japanese book and my Japanese lacking, I will leave it for someone else well versed in Comp. Lit. to interpret the title as used in the book.

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