I have found very little information online about Kana Akatsuki, the author of the original light novel Violet Evergarden, and I can find nothing about any other works by her. Is this her only published work?

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You can find more information if you search by their name in Japanese 暁佳奈.

They don't have any other works listed on their goodreads author profile.

There is an interview with the author on Kyoto Animation's website. At the top of the page it states that this was their debut work:


The last word デビュー means debut.

The interview additionally states that it took 6 months to create Violet Evergarden and that it was made specifically for the Kyoto Animation award, because Kana Akatsuki loved Clannad: After Story anime which came from their studio.


アニメ「CLANNAD 〜AFTER STORY〜」が大好きで、あの作品を作られた会社さんだからです。頭の中の映像を文字に起こすように書いていますので、本当に映像になったら面白いと思いました。 京都アニメーションさんで実現したら素敵だろうな、と夢見ました。



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I think Violet Evergarden was Kana Akatsuki's Debut work.

Violet Evergarden was written for one of Kyoto Animation's competitions, and it won the grand prize (2014); hence the Anime adaptation.

  • I’m afraid this answer is not very useful. The fact that the light novel won the 2014 grand prize is easily found. The claim that it was written specifically for the competition is unsourced and I cannot confirm it; in any case it does not seem relevant to the question. The claim that it was her debut work is also unsourced; I cannot confirm it (or I would not have had to post this question); and you seem uncertain about it. So I’m pretty much as much in the dark as I was before.
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