When I was just searching for theories for why people believe Lelouch is still alive, I found a theory which says Lelouch took the Geass from his dad, so when he was killed he actually became immortal. But on re-watching the series I can't find any such scene where we see Lelouch taking the Code from his dad. Or did I miss something?

When I watched the anime for the first time, I remember it had extra scenes like Lelouch driving the cart, which wasn't present when I re-watched the series. I read that it was removed later.

So, did the writers remove the scene in which Lelouch takes the Code from his dad? I am getting an impression that the writers had plans on keeping Lelouch alive, initially. They came out and said the ending was left ambiguous for the reader to interpret as they want, and then, they removed that scene and declared Lelouch is dead.

  • it's possible that the new movie coming out might give an answer however my belief is that the moment the second sigil appeared in Lelouch's other eye he had stolen the code because at that moment "God" was able to kill Charles. however a screenshot i have seen advertised for the new movie makes me believe the Code was not active until the Zero Requiem had been fulfilled – Memor-X Mar 7 at 10:58
  • @Memor-X Well movies aren't taking place in anime universe but in the movie universe. As you can see sherly is alive in movies but dead in anime. While in the trailer she is alive so it is a sequel to movies. So answers presented in movies might not explain it. Also, geass cannot work on a person with the code so I thought it was a god who killed Charles. So not sure if Lelouch can force Charles to give his Code. – Mandar Sadye Mar 7 at 13:14

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