Rember how goku first got into OMEN UI, He had to fully master his KI to achieve SSJG, does that mean vegeta could achieve it as well with a simular attack like spirit bomb? Or something else?

Its a mystery

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  • Vegeta and Goku have had SSJG long before they attained SSJB. SSJB is simply an extension of SSJG and it isn't anything new. Goku attained UI because his body as a last resort ended up tapping into it to prevent himself from getting killed by the Spirit Bomb. As of now, it seems very unlikely for Vegeta to achieve the form. This is a technique which even the Gods struggle to master and it was too much of a stretch already when Goku managed to tap into it. So it wouldn't really make sense for Vegeta to do it as well. – Gary Andrews30 Mar 14 at 14:39