In episode 6, we learn that


is the woman Rimuru is destined to be with. She shows up in the next episode.

She also dies a couple of episodes later, the next day in-universe. Aside from her showing up in the OP and ED, and being a quest-giver (for Rimuru to be a teacher) several episodes later, she doesn't have much going on in the series.

Why is she considered so important and "Rimuru's destiny"? Why is she seemingly more important than Veldora, the ogre women, Miliam, etc?

Why is she more important than any of the other monsters/spirits that Rimuru absorbed?

I'm only familiar with the anime, so if the manga/LN goes that much more in detail about this, then don't spoil it and leave the answer somewhat vague.

  • I interpreted "destined with her" to mean that their meeting was fated, rather than her being very central to his life. Of course, she did have a large impact on his life too, as the answers mention. Plus, considering how soon she appeared, maybe the prediction was in the short term, and not supposed to be taken as his entire life's destiny. – TheGamer007 Mar 30 at 11:35

Taken from episode 6-8:

  1. Shizu is the key by which Rimuru comes to know Demon Lord who summons Shizu (probably the main villain) and Rimuru is more or less the hero of this story.

  2. Without Shizu, Rimuru might never know that someone (Demon Lord) can summon people from that world to this world.

  3. Death of Shizu is essential for Rimuru's character development.

  4. There is one promise Rimuru gave to Shizu, and fulfilling that promise will provide a certain path or goal to the story.

This is explained more in the manga.

  • Please include relevant sources/references. – W. Are Mar 30 at 11:31
  • Anyone who did watch anime should be able to understand my ans , so for reference watch anime episode 6 to 8. – earthling Mar 30 at 11:37
  • 'Anyone who did watch anime should be able to understand my answer' Yes, but this is a Q&A site. Unlike other forums, this site relies on verifiable information. Speculations are allowed but a basis, specifically references, should be given on how and why you were able to arrive on that particular conclusion. There are no exceptions. <Continued below> – W. Are Mar 30 at 12:06
  • For example, '3) Death of Shizu is essential for Rimuru's character Development.' How did you arrive at this conclusion? Why is a character's death essential for someone to develop? People can still develop without someone close to them dying. Same is true for all other answers. Personally, this and the rest of your points needs more evidence and proof. – W. Are Mar 30 at 12:09
  • As W. Are has commented, a correct & sourced answer is far better than just a correct answer without any references (because others can't crosscheck it easily). Also, feel free to use >! (spoiler block) markdown syntax to hide some text if you want, as long as you can expand and improve your answer! – Aki Tanaka Apr 29 at 12:41

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