In The Rising of the Shield Hero, Myne chose the Shield Hero as her aid and later betrayed him for some mere 800 gold coins, that were equally divided between heroes.

I did not find any reason why she did that.

Is it because Naofumi is a Shield Hero (a degraded hero)?

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I've just watched some of the episodes. Well, if what I'm thinking is true, I think her nasty betrayal might have something to do with her Social status and her religious beliefs.

Plus, she is a pathological liar just as her mother stated.


Princess Malty pulled off one of the nastiest betrayals in the world of anime. Even though her spiteful behavior plays a major part in her growing desire to destroy the Shield Hero, her social status and religious beliefs are also to blame. Having the influence to pull strings and moral validation of her evil deeds transformed her into the irredeemable villain of Rising of the Shield Hero.

RESOURCE - Right here.

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    There is an expanded explanation in the later parts of the web novel (not sure about the light novel), but its pretty heavily spoilers. To avoid most of the spoilers, there is a future not yet revealed Villain who has an influence on Myne, and Myne did her actions to weaken the Heroes which helps that Villain achieve their end goals. She actively manipulates all the heroes causing lots of problems, the MC just happened to be the easiest one to go after first because of the 3 Heroes religion hating the 4th Shield hero. Unless the story changes drastically, it will show up in some form.
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Make sure to see the full anime, if you have seen it till the final episode and you still can't discover why you can read my answer

Because Myne is royalty, she didn't betray him for a mere 800 coins, but she was trying to mock of him from the beginning, it has been showed that she is the second princess to the throne, so it is basically just making fun of the degraded hero, proof : https://shield-hero.fandom.com/wiki/Malty_S_Melromarc you can find here position as queen

  • Please include relevant sources/references.
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  • The current airing episode is 11 so there's more to come from this Story, and I know that Myne belong to royalty and she use her royalty power to mock Naofumi but even after episode 1 she still trying to mock Naofumi in episode 4 using the spear Hero.
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    This doesn't quite answer it. It's not a reason why, as other royalty seems to have no problems with the Shield hero. It's just the King and Myne.
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  • To add, I do not see how being a royalty as a proof to your statement that she 'is basically just making fun of the degraded hero'. Furthermore, that wiki page you mentioned contradicts everything in your answer. If that is speculation on your part, then please cite relevant sources/references, preferably from the light novel and anime.
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