One of my favorite character in Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai is Pop the Magician. Toward the end of the series, he battles with Hadler's chess squad and has a one-on-one fight with the horse Sigma. Pop demonstrates great magical skills and Sigma asked him if he is a sage. Pop answers that he doesn't like the title of sage and had chosen a title for himself: Daimadoshi.

What does Daimadoshi mean in the universe of the manga?

The manga obviously uses a lot of Japanese, even if it is set in a fantasy universe. Does Daimadoshi mean anything in Japanese? Or is it a made-up for the manga?

Note: I hesitated before posting this question on Japanese.se, because I am not sure whether daimadoshi is a Japanese word (or made up from Japanese terms like Tenchimato) or a word from the manga's universe.


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Dai means something along the lines of "grand, big" and madoushi means "sorcerer" or "wizard", with shi being his title (assumedly Mr.). So in essence, he is naming himself "Mr. Grand Wizard"

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The title is "大魔道師" or "大魔道士" (Daimadoushi) which more or less means Great Sorcerer. 魔道 (madou) and 魔法 (mahou) both can mean magic, but the former has a more occult nuance to to it (i.e. raw magic vs refined magic). The former literally means the "path/way of magic" while the latter is more so the "art/law of magic".

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