I'm writing my dissertation and in the dedication I wanted to include this quote from the anime.

I wish I could have five lives!
Then I could have been born in five different towns,
and eaten five lifetime’s worth of food,
and had five different careers,
and... fallen in love with the same person, five times."
~ Inoue Orihime

However, in order to cite it correctly I believe I need to know the title of the episode and the date it aired. I can't seem to find this information anywhere, but I do know which book in the manga it comes from, Bleach manga; Chapter 237, pages 17-18. However I don't like that translation as much so I would prefer to cite the anime.

Bonus points will be awarded for providing the full citation as I'm a little shaky on that as well.

Edit: Thanks W. Are! You were spot on. https://bleach.fandom.com/wiki/Goodbye...,_Kurosaki-kun

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Assuming that it is indeed on Chapter 237, then the episode you are looking for is Episode 141 titled Goodbye..., Kurosaki! which originally aired on September 19, 2007 while the English version aired later on August 15, 2009.

For future reference, the Bleach wikia, and most of the anime wikia, usually includes the chapter and the corresponding episode based on it while the Wikipedia pages of anime usually includes the list of episodes together with their air dates.

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