Why in the fullbring arc he looks different when his powers are restored I mean his Zanpaktuou looks slightly different but his robe in normal and bankai state are different why is that? Also is Zangetsu still within him because Ichigo still has all the same abilities even after regaining his powers.


I assume that it's because he retrieved his powers with the help of a lot of Shinigami who gave a part of their powers to create the sword Rukia used to reawaken him. But I'm not really sure it is the only reason actually.

And yes, Zangetsu is still within him, just keep forward into the manga, there is a lot to see about that subject.

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I think the reason is because Ichigo is not a real Shinigami, he is a human with shinigami power (and you will see what else near the end). And human grow up, and when they grow up their power change with them. Ichigo is still Ichigo so he will still use the same abilities but their appearence is different because Ichigo grow up.

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  • There is no sources/references for this type of question. At least the manga does not answer this question. One can speculate or say "it's because Kubo did not remember how to draw Ichigo bankai". – LiefLayer May 9 at 15:41
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    'There are no further information from the manga, anime or any news about why Kubo made it that way' is also an acceptable answer, as an example, which is preferred over just mere speculation. You can always update your answer when new information is available. You can include speculations but make sure to include a basis (reference) as to what made you say that.... – W. Are May 9 at 16:03

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