According to the Hero Association ratings, several characters have more power than Tatsumaki. Bang, Atomi Samurai, Flashy Flash and amazingly King are rated to have a power of 10 while Tatsumaki only has 9. But, Tatsumaki was capable of taking a monster who was probably a demon level in one blow. Why does the Hero Association ratings have several S Class Heroes to be more powerful than Tatsumaki?

  • This is just speculation, but aren't the stats of fighters usually gauged at the time of testing by the Hero association? Since Tatsumaki is an Esper, maybe her powers grew significantly stronger after being part of the association? – Gary Andrews30 Apr 17 at 2:16
  • Rankings aren't solely based on power, if it was the hero association would put King first. – L o a d i n g . . . Apr 18 at 4:25

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