I'm curious , I saw online that Naruto can only be watched on Crunchyroll in Canada and the US

  • Buy the DVD/BD? Find the alternatives from this post? Where are you currently located? – Aki Tanaka Apr 18 at 19:46
  • Thanks for responding Aki Tanaka , I'm located in Belgium. – Kaan Apr 18 at 19:49
  • 1
    You're not necessarily "supposed" to be able to do so. Sometimes you just can't legally get things, and no one's under any obligation to provide you a legal avenue. That said, maybe there's a way that works for Belgium, I don't know. – zibadawa timmy Apr 18 at 23:24
  • @kaan I live in the netherlands but as long as I know there isn't really a legal way... – xmastertje Apr 19 at 11:18
  • At least in the US, Naruto is also on Netflix, and Adult Swim on TV. Not sure about in other countries – Remy Lebeau Apr 21 at 17:33

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