So far in the anime Garou has fought Tank Top Master, Heavy Tank Loincloth, Blue Fire, Magic Trick Man, Golden Ball and Spring Mustachio. From video segments of the manga I've seen he fought others such as


Which are all the S and A class heroes whom Garou fought ?

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This will include spoilers of necessity. I'll mention the webcomic appearances for S-class (I think the manga covers all of the A-class he fought in the webcomic already, but I won't quite guarantee it). Though keep in mind there are differences between the webcomic and manga.


  • Metal bat
  • Genos
  • Bang
  • Watchdog Man
  • Tanktop Master
  • King (sort of)

In the webcomic he also fights:

Everyone else except Blast, Metal Knight, and Drive Knight. In several cases he fights three or more of them at the same time.


  • Blue Fire
  • Heavy Tank Loincloth
  • Magic Trick Man
  • Golden Ball
  • Spring Mustachio
  • Death Gatling
  • Smile Man
  • Stinger
  • Chain'n'toad

There's also a smattering of B-class heroes and even Mumen Rider, and a host of monsters that were classed as Demon or Dragon level threats. A list of manga battles Garou has fought can be found here.


S Class That Garou fought - METAL BAT , GENOS , BANG

look here https://onepunchman.fandom.com/wiki/Garou/Battles

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