In the first episode of the new show, after learning more about Tohru's life, Yuki says she's amazing. In response Shigure tells him it's an insult to call her that.

Yuki agrees, but I frankly didn't understand what they meant by that.


This is a manga adaptation and it is worded differently and understood so as well in Japan where the English does not match the subtitle but instead the emotion which is dynamic and not static as a state. Therefore, Caitlin Glass the English (reference funimation.com 'fruits basket extras' video for direct footage of the roles of the acting and directing ) director and John Burgmeier who cowrote and plays Shigure once again make it a way to connect to the original this reboot so it's understood. The manga and screen direction can only as usual in every production not give words alone the reason for how its characterized by mutual agreement with only the way to interpret. Therefore you must interpret. It's simple that they in this scene after the comfortable relationship they made were blinded by the lack of words that aren't in their suggestion anything worthy of her level of greatness (amazing doesn't do enough to truly describe their full enamor and isn't strong enough to describe) so honest caring and the opposite of the Sohma clan attitude with its leader shown as a violent abusive hate of everything and its effects they all grew up with as they all prior described how they felt they were all victims of curses and the inability to leave or prevent themselves or others to be happy and positive. This being the highlight of Tohru, one who was the truly poor and abandoned, while homeless and without parents, being relentless about being positive and thankful when this moment is illustrated to show just how they were broken to open up and see their faults of being capable of living but only hating themselves when they realize they must have been lucky as anyone to witness their pain be meaningless in the trurh they really learned from Tohru. It means they weren't strong or able 5o be like her and embrace themselves, when that's all they still long for. This is the theme of the show and how she changes everyone, and it will be impossible to reference the entire show and manga but every episode until this moment makes this a climax where they understand she's stronger than them and happy.. and they never took chances to be happy and were doomed until she breaks through with deep personal conversations that reveal her open book emotions and their lack of any love with all Sohmas being broken to date unable to mimic her as much as it would help break shackles

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