As far as I understand, in One Punch Man all monsters are mutants. According to the wikia

Mysterious beings

humans naturally become monsters from a desire to transform into something else through their bad habits, a complex or a burst of dissatisfaction with their regular selves. They begin their transformation due to their environment that triggers an abnormal cell reaction

But how about heroes? Some of them are indeed mutants ie, Zombie man. Tatsumaki and Fubuki ESP powers have to be mutations, dont they? How about the others? We know Saitama got the strenght he has for breaking his limiters so it wouldnt be a mutation, but do the abnormal strenght, resistance, speed, fast healing etc some of the others display (Tank Top Master, Metal Bat, Flashy Flash, Watchdog Man, Superalloy Darkshine, etc.) is the result of mutations or not?

  • I guess all humans or heroes that get those powers are mutants. I think it depends on their personality of how their physical appearance changes along with their desires of becoming stronger. Saitama is a very down to earth man with an idea of defeading the enemy with one punch until he did it. I think since heroes don't want to change physically and have some good heart they keep a much human look with what ever powers they gain over time. People that have a darker or evil heart are the ones that become looking more like monsters. Their environment is the key to their physical appearance. – myriaidee1sessh43 Jul 8 at 0:05

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