I wonder how many guns have been shown to be used by the characters?
And are these real guns? Or are these just some made-up weapons?


From this wikia page, there are about 14 unique guns shown in the anime.

  • Armalite AR-10(T)
  • Barnett Wildcat C5
  • Benelli M4 Super 90
  • CZE Vz83
  • FN Browning M1910
  • Heckler & Koch PSG-1
  • Ithaca M37
  • Kiku Crest Luger P08
  • M92 Vertec
  • MP5SFK
  • Nail Gun
  • SIG Sauer P226
  • Smith & Wesson M37 Air Weight
  • Springfield M1A1 Super Match

To add, yes, these are real guns. I was able to find real-world counterparts of all of these guns via Google. To note, the Luger P08 seems to be a gun used during the world wars and CZE Vz83 seems to be a Skorpion.

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