In the Election arc, Ging confidently tells Pariston Gon won't die. How would he know this? Sure he has trust in Gon's friends, but Gon's condition was like nothing ever seen before, even if he has good friends it doesn't mean they can help heal him. I'm not sure why Ging would be so confident in something so baseless.

  • Can't remember if there's an explanation in the manga but he's Gon's dad. Not saying it's true for all father-son relationships but in my experience, a father would always believe that his son would make it through whatever happens in life. A father is not the first one who'd say 'I don't think my son's gonna make it', even if the situation seems hopeless. – W. Are Jun 15 '19 at 23:36

Well it is intuition.
The more powerful/nen expert a person gets the more intuitive he gets. Experience also counts as one factor.
If you remember the time during GON returning to whale island after hunter exam with killua, he received greed island contents from mito which was given by ging.
Now here,

1. How did Ging know that Gon would attend Hunter exam ?
2. How did he know if Gon would qualify underground exam and learn nen ?
3. How would he know how the Zodiacs would react in President election(after netero's death).

This shows how experienced and intuitive he is. As said by Bisky that netero regards Ging as one of the 5 best nen users in the world.
Similarly, Ging knew Gon would not die.
This might be the explanation for your question!!

  • It was all left in accordance to a plan that if he ever wanted to search for him he could trace him. If he didn't want to, Ging's plan would have never unfolded. – user47236 Jul 16 '19 at 17:43

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