At the end of the anime, Dororo grows up and becomes a beautiful girl, and she is running to Hyakkimaru, right?

Also, he is standing in a field. Which means, does Dororo and Hyakkimaru meet again?

  • If I'm not mistaken, Hyakkimaru looked a bit older there, too. This could be an argument for why this scene doesn't simply reflect Dororo's wish to be together with him again, but a fact that's actually going to happen since she wouldn't have known his older appearance if she wouldn't have met him. – Eti2d1 Jul 12 '19 at 10:31

Well, I'm no expert but from what I see I think they do, however not in that instance. Dororo said she'd bring back the money in a few days, the three men didn't seem to be on the bridge but watching Dororo run acrossed it. Hyakkimaru was found at the end, with a smile. I suppose there will be journey and they meet again at a new age. The bridge could represent the journey, and the field could represent the gold Dororo is going to get. Hyakkimaru meeting her there. Don't forget the mother of Hyakkimaru stated child who would be by his side forever. So, if not meeting then I'm sure they'll meet in the future. Now if it is to be them meeting then its foreshadowing that Dororo becomes a woman of course, and all the time she does she's right there with Hyakkimaru.

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