Re-Destro's father, Destro, it's said that it was one of the most powerful villains, compared to All For One.

Which was his quirk?


Yoriyoshi Nakajima also known as Destro, is the leader of a paramillitary terrorist group called the Quirk Liberation Army.

  • Generic capacities: Physically, is stronger and faster than the average, also mentally remains very sane.
  • Charisma: Even more dangerous than its peculiarity is Destro's ability to convince others to fight and die the name of their cause. It has a huge power of persuasion, and can be very convincing.
  • Quirk: Pyrotechnics power, Destro can generate and launch bombs, explosives, and other volatile constructs that have various yields from his body and then can manipulate them. Destro's bombs don't need to detonate on impact, he can make them explode immediately after leaving his body he can set them on a timer or can detoante them remotely whenever he feels like it.

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Sources: Me, Manga and https://myheroacademiafanon.fandom.com/wiki/Destro

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