I've been searching for that legendary guitar rift for a while now and can't seem to find it in any OST. (starts at exactly 4:22 in ep 130)

I used Shazam, it kinda worked but not really. The result I got was: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03YISiMdtFE which is the music but it's a different version with singing, while the version used on the show had no singing. < that's the one I'm looking for


The song is 究極の聖戦 (kyūkyoku no battle in romaji[1] or Ultimate Battle in english). There are two versions of this song:

  1. The one performed by Akira Kushida (the version Shazam found)
  2. The one without vocals (the version you are looking for)

According to Anison, the version without vocals is named 究極の聖戦 (カラオケ) (where "カラオケ" means "karaoke").

I searched on YouTube that exact term and found it:


1. J-Talk translates "聖戦" as "seisen" but many sources use "battle" instead. I have no idea which one is correct.

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