Near the beginning of the Fushigi Yuugi anime, Miaka and Yui find a copy of The Universe of the Four Gods in the National Library. Miaka is surprised that Yui can read this book, which is stated to be in Classical Chinese rather than Japanese or any other language.

How did Yui learn enough Classical Chinese to read this book? At the beginning, Miaka and Yui are both 15 years old, attend the same school, and are studying for the same entrance examinations, so it would seem unusual for their studies to have diverged significantly. Is this explained anywhere in the manga or in supplementary materials?

  • Is this a particular interest of Yui?
  • Did Miaka pick a different language to study in school (if so, which one?)?
  • Is Yui simply far more intelligent than Miaka?
  • Is there some other explanation?

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