In the Dressrosa Arc, we see Machvise fight. His fighting style is focused around his Devil Fruit, the Ton-Ton Fruit, which allows him to change his own weight (up to a weight of 10000 tons!) with him jumping up in the air and then falling down on top of people.

What I truly cannot understand is how he is even able to hit anyone! One Piece is a universe where people are fast enough to smack cannon-balls out of the air and dodge bullets, how are they unable to just get out of the damn way when they see him jump up!?!?

Even falling from a mere 20 meters will take about 2 seconds, long enough for a real-life person to see where he will fall and get out of the way. And Machvise tends to jump a lot higher than that, sometimes what seems like 100 meters up, which would take 4.5 seconds to fall down from!!

Honestly, I feel that his Fruit is far more suited for a fighting style that focuses on wrestling (and he even has the big, burly body structure that would work well in wrestling). Just run in, and as soon as he gets a good grip he makes sure to "fall over" on top of the person (or at least on top of whatever part he managed to grab) while adjusting his weight to a couple hundred tons. If he does that when holding an arm, he would tear it clean off the body! Way more effective than "jump and hope to hit"

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