In part 6 the universe is reset and everyone who was alive before the reset is put in the new universe. Is Jolyne in the SBR universe and if so is she set after or before part 8?

  • There is no answer and all we can do is speculate. – pilgrim Apr 30 at 15:26
  • @pilgrim Sometimes there being no answer could be the correct answer. Perhaps you can elaborate a bit more as to why you believe this to only be speculation? – Dimitri mx May 4 at 10:59
  • @Dimitrimx I agree, it depends on the question. Regarding this question, we can only speculate because we don't have any information about Jolyne in Part 7 nor Part 8. I haven't read Part 8 yet so I searched this online. We don't have anything to work with. It is also worth mentioning that there isn't a single "SBR" universe" (as shown in Part 7). This is why I think that all we can do is speculate. – pilgrim May 5 at 13:53
  • @Dimitrimx I am not very experienced about AnimeSE. In my eyes AnimeSE is so much different than a forum. This seems like a question that should be posted on a forum, not here. – pilgrim May 5 at 14:01

What I understand from the ending of part 6, is that the universe that we see in the end is not the SBR universe. It's another different Universe.

Reason why I think so:

The Jotaro we see in the end of part 6 doesn't exist in the SBR universe because we see the SBR version of Jotaro in part 8 as

Kyo Nijimura


Obviously major spoilers for Part 6. You are warned.

First of all, let's get the facts straight:

  • The universe is reset 2 times. (let's call the original universe U0, after first the reset it becomes U1, then after the second reset it is U2)
  • The first reset is by Pucci. Every soul who was alive in U0 is transferred to U1. Those who are dead are replaced by a similar but different new soul.
  • Jolyne Cujoh dies in U0 so the "Jolyne" of U1 is a different soul. She is not the Jolyne of Part 6. The only survivor from the group of Part 6 is Emporio who is transferred to U1.
  • Emporio kills Pucci in U1 while the universe is accelerating. This causes another reset without the influence of Pucci. The Pucci of Part 6 is not in U2.
  • Jolyne's counterpart in U2 is Irene. She is not a prisoner.

So, "is Jolyne in the SBR universe, if so before or after part 8"?

If you are asking about Jolyne of U0, she is dead.

If you are asking about Jolyne of U1 (who has seemingly turned into Irene), there is no information regarding her in Part 7 or 8.

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