in the Post Game content of Tales of Hearts R you get access to locations called the Triverse Gate. while in there Gal seems to act strangely.

After you reach the end of the last Triverse Gate area (green area with a green winding road and a large green gate), when you beat the game again you get an extra ending shown here


in it we see Gal at this same gate saying how he avenged his wife and daughter and it's "Time to head back" before the gate opens (it didn't when Kor approached it before) and Gal walks in. the next scene we see a group of soldiers with spears and a gate and something banging. the soldiers mention their surprise there might be a survivor before the gate opens and Gal comes out saying "Home Sweet Home". he is then seen taking off his Soma and tossing it to the soldiers saying it's a "Gift from the other side" before the scene ends with Gal getting a new title suggesting he's from another dimension.

In the Tales of games the only other dimension i know of is Niflheim however neither the Triverse Gate nor where Gal appears to show up look anything like the Ginnungagap and all the other places in the games i've played are separate planets from my understanding

So just who, or what, is Gal? Where did he come from? Why did he go to Organica? and what's this revenge about his Wife and Daughter is he talking about?

NOTE: i've played Phantasia, Destiny, Eternia, The Abyss, Legendia, Symphonia (and Dawn of the New World), Graces F and Hearts R

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