Normally I watch anime and games with Japanese voice acting and subtitles, but my favorite streamer played through Danganronpa 1-3 and I watched with them playing with English voice acting.

In the game, Monokuma's English voice sounds cute but evil; it's high pitched, maniacal and Disney-esque.

In the anime Monokuma's English voice is deep and raspy; it sounds like a cross between Micheal Keaton playing Beetlejuice, and a chain smoker. In fact the English anime voice sounds more like the Japanese anime voice that was used for Monokuma.

Why is there such a difference in style of voice for the same character in the same language?

Most of the time I've seen the same voice actor for characters appearing in both the anime and the video game. And even if the company can't get the same exact voice actor, they at least try to get the voice in the same style of the character. Why is Monokuma's voice so different between the anime and video game?

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